Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In The Land of the Deep But Not Profound

I found this poem today. I wrote it almost two years ago on my school's Surrendering camping trip while waiting to go for a hike. It's not very original, and it doesn't make much sense but that's kind of the point I think.
I got the idea from a game (called, as I'm sure you could have guessed, The Land of the Deep But Not Profound) that the seniors were taunting the freshmen with. It didn't last very long though, because it's pretty easy to figure out, as I'm sure you'll see.

In the land of the deep but not profound
There are giggles and sniffles but no sound.
Trees have no branches,
Breezes ruffle no leaves
There are beginnings but no ends
And you can't laugh but you can sneeze.
Feet without legs
Teeth without tongues
You may think you're puzzled now
But I have just begun.
Dollars and pennies, but no quarters or dimes
Milleniums and milliseconds, and yet there is no time.
Millions and billions, but no hundredths or tenths
Books with no libraries, and common without sense.
Letters and addresses, but no pens or stamps
Butterflies and beetles, but no spiders or ants.
Happiness without fun
Sadness without grief
There is a moon, without a sun,
And grass but not a leaf.
Things are not quite as they seem
When there is coffee without any beans.
Feet with no inches, miles, or yards
Millimeters without centimeters
Speed without cards.
There is full but no empty
All but not most
Eggs without bacon
Butter without toast.
Weeks without days, months, or years
School with no teachers
Terror without fears
Pillows and sleep without dreams or beds
All of this stuff is boggling my head.
It's odd, but mysteries do not abound
In the land of the deep but not profound.

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