Friday, October 30, 2009

This is a Test...

So I tried repeatedly to post from my iPod using Blogger in Safari. For whatever reason, it wouldn't let me select and type in the main body portion (where I'm typing now). I could enter a title and save it to drafts but that was all. I'm happy to say that I solved my problem and invisible_gurl is now mobile :) Just in case you were interested. Don't worry, a post actually worth reading (well, that's debatable, I suppose) is in the works.

- Posted from my iPod :)

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Excuses Excuses

Probably no one has questioned my extended hiatus from posting, but I'm going to offer an explanation anyway. Say it's for posterity. Whose, I don't have any clue. But anyway...
I have not blogged because at the present time I feel in no way qualified to tell anybody anything. Or even submit my views on a given topic. Or suggest an alternative opinion on a matter to someone.
Why this is, I'm not entirely sure. I know that God has been working on my heart and showing me just how very wicked it is, and how much I need His help in every aspect of my life, so that probably has some bearing on my current state of mind. Also, I'd heard from multiple people that junior year is the most difficult, trying year of high school, but until I started this year I didn't really have a grasp on just how challenging they meant. Now I comprehend. So that might have an effect on it too - not only am I learning spiritually that I am nothing but inherent evil, I am learning intellectually that everything I know amounts to pretty much nothing.
And, given the discovered magnitude of effort and brainpower this year will take, I've been extremely busy. Not to mention that I'm playing volleyball again on top of working at stables and all the other activities that occupy my time in a given week.
So there are my reasons. I hope to blog sometime soon, bur I'm going to see about maybe posting differently - more open-ended questions and less me airing my unspoken opinions on my own private website.
Blame the PSAT for all the semi-large words I used. Or maybe it's Pride and Prejudice. Or the ridiculous amount of early American literature we've had to read (for American Literature class). I don't know. I'm done now.